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New Survivor Mascot

Posted: 28/02/2012 by survivorproductionsfilm in Uncategorized

As of last Friday afternoon, Survivor Productions gained itself a new member. I would like to introduce Wilbur – our 8 month old black Labra-doodle who is a fun-loving, bouncy bundle of nerves. God help anyone who passes the window unprepared!! Image

Although he acts like a toddler on Red Bull, I promise that one day our little mascot will have a cameo role  in one of Survivor’s top selling films. Just a heads up for the crew to hold onto the equipment because this little guy is one curious menace!


Survivor Newsletter – Feb 2012

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Here is Survivor Production’s newsletter – so take a gander and see what we are up to. All comments/suggestions are welcome

Newsletter Vol 1. Issue 2

Much like one of our major sets, the Survivor Productions Blog is undergoing a major refurb at the moment; things are going to look a little sketchy for a while but bear with us; our blog will be ship-shape and Bristol fashion much sooner than one of the scary houses we’re filming in this year!

We’re Back!

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The blog has moved home to the far more accommodating and customizable WordPress format, so be sure to get rid of the tumblr blog and add to your favourites list!