The Slate – 17.10.11

Posted: 17/10/2011 by RJBayley in Uncategorized

So we mentioned Survivor Productions has quite a few projects in various stages of production in the last post. Now contrary to what the skulls all over our twitter and our company name itself might have you believe, we don’t just have horror projects lined up.

So, to give a very brief rundown of the projects you can look forward to, we present you with The Slate vers.1.


·         Knock, Knock, Knock (filming early 2012)

·         Deadly Romance (filming early 2012)

·         Forced Perspective (filming summer 2012)

·         Come Die With Me (filming summer 2012)


·         Ladybird, Ladybird (experimental animated short)

·         Untitled Dundee Treasure documentary (documentary about the inaccessible £2.5 billion in the River Tay)

·         Whaling Songs (Documentary on the oral history passed down from whalers in north Scotland)

·         Cain & Abel (biblical story played out in the Mexican civil war)

·         Untitled Falkland Palace Period Gothic Horror

Early Stages

·         Seven Stages (theological, tautological short)

·         Untitled Cambodia Documentary

·         Which is Right? (working title) (Theological documentary)

·         Human Target (gritty exploitation film)

·         1000 Times Goodbye (revenge drama)

·         Jekyll Vs. Hyde (working title) (Nightmarish psychological thriller)

·         The Final Girl (where would the film trope character be 20 years later? – horror)

·         Catherine (period drama set around the 1938 U-Boat disaster)

·         12 Children (Ghost story)

·         The Place (Haunted building horror – short)

Well that’s the slate, to keep up-to-date on these projects follow us on Twitter or sign up for the newsletter by e-mailing with Newsletter in the subject line. And as always, keep checking back here.



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