Reshoots and Reunions – 17.10.11

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Gone is that awful balaclava mask picture. While Suzi is working away on the Survivor Productions logo proper, here’s a place holder skull. You can’t copyright a skull, can you?

Its time for another ‘story so far’ post. That’s what I’ve begun to scrawl them on my whiteboard to do list as anyway. That post, just below, that goes on about The Burning? Well that would generally go at the end of a post like this, except slightly truncated, much like the last post that had the suggested viewing of Halloween.

Perhaps that’s a better way of doing it however, have a more ‘regular feature’ type format, I should talk to the rest of Survivor Productions about this. Let us know what you think; separate section for the ‘watch with us the films that influenced our own’ stuff?

So what’s been happening between this and the last big post? Well most recently I’ve decided to write much shorter entries for our company blog. I made that decision just now, when I realised how much you’ll be potentially reading.

But that’s now, and it’s not a good idea to start at the end unless you’re that brilliant trailer for Dead Island and even then you’ll end up packing much more of an emotional punch than the actual thing you’re promoting (seriously, if we’d have thought up this piece of genius, done it live-action and entered it into festivals as a short we’d have won every award going, well done to whomever created this).

Do you see why I said this would be rambling in the first post that I didn’t want to call introduction because introduction was too boring? No? Well that’s because you probably can’t navigate back there unless you’re really dedicated because this layout only has back and forward arrows and it takes an age to get back to the first page. I mean it’s suitably creepy, but then is that worth sacrificing navigational ease? Probably not. If you’re not reading this in the week it comes out this won’t make any sense, I’ll have changed it.

So skip the last part you just read.

If you want some relevant stuff, instead of just witnessing me enjoying just spitting words here start here:

A ripple went through the Survivor Production ranks when a call to arms* (*reshoots) went out from Cinematik Productions for the film which originally brought us together, Morning After. Due to that I popped over to Producer Jenny’s place and signed the company papers (whooh!) before the shoot began. Soon I will be writing off the tax on everything I possibly can left right and centre. Coffee? Sure, I’m writing. Horror dvds and books? That’s research. Batman: Arkham City and Uncharted 3? Erm… I’ll get back to you on those.

Actor and fellow Survivor Drew stayed at mine for the duration and we dutifully took his method acting seriously by giving him an authentically hung-over look for the mornings.

Finishing late on the first night and living in Scotland we weren’t able to buy booze at shops post 10PM (don’t ask me why they’re not allowed, I don’t know either) so we had to appeal to the good nature of the lady behind the bar at one of my locals to sell us a bottle of wine to take home. Only however, as long as her landlady didn’t see and as ominously and strangely heavy footsteps approached I had to flick my coins across the bar at her like a rich, insane ninja while Drew smuggled the contraband under his coat.

The next night we finished on time and Jenny came back for a three-way meeting where we discovered our tally of projects in various stages of production now number 19!

We’ve also got, I am happy to report, two projects scheduled for summer shoots, both shorts; the stoic sci-fi Forced Perspective and the horror spoof Come Die With Me. We thrashed out this schedule towards the end of the meeting as Jen, myself and an increasingly bladdered Drew (it must have been the red wine and ten percent Paradox beer) scribbled notes and makeshift calendars which now dot the landscape of my living room.

Jen also sent out issue 1 of the rather brilliantly written and designed Survivor Productions News letter, so if you’d like to be one of the enlightened and also be the proud recipient of one, send an e-mail to with Newsletter in the subject line.

After shooting and meetings I went back up to Jenny’s place in Falkland. We’re currently trying to get a project going with the owners of Falkland Palace to shoot a gothic period horror in their building and grounds. The place is apparently rammed with ghosts. Notably there’s a ghost goat (technically called a ghoast) that lives in a tapestry and the one we’re interested in turning into something, a ghostly woman who roams the corridors, waiting for her husband who left her too soon for war.

We went up and had a look around some of the area so I could get an idea what I’ll be trying to incorporate into the script and I’ll put those pictures up shortly.

So that’s what’s been happening the world of Survivor Productions.

As ever, follow us on twitter and keep checking the blog for more updates on Knock, Knock, Knock, Deadly Romance along with tidbits from the pre-pre-production stage Forced Perspective and Come Die With Me.



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